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Air conditioning cleaning Perth is one of the most sought after services in Perth. Being the sunniest capital in Australia, enjoying at least 8 hours of sunshine a day, air conditioning is not so much a luxury but a necessity. WTS provides a number of air conditioning maintenance services one of which is air conditioner cleaning.

Air conditioning systems are complex and need consistent care to work properly. Due to the multitude of components in an average commercial air conditioning system, it isn’t easy for the regular business owner to figure them all out. Yet, air conditioning is essential to any commercial building, office or storefront and any issues must be caught early, air conditioner cleaning should be done to keep clean fresh air running through your building all year round.

The Problem with Dirty Air Conditioner Ducts

Over time, fine dust particles accumulate on the surface of air ducts. The dust particles usually include dead skin flakes and pet dander. It doesn’t take long for the ducts to become a conducive environment for the growth of allergens, mould and bacteria that compromise a building’s air quality. Bad quality air causes respiratory tract problems for the occupants of the building in addition to the reputational risk it poses for a business.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air conditioning cleaning Perth
Air conditioning cleaning Perth

The following are a number of signs that you need air conditioning cleaning Perth.

Allergic Reactions
The most obvious sign that you need air conditioning cleaning Perth is people developing an allergic reaction once they are in the building. If people always seem to suddenly start sneezing, coughing or tearing up whenever they are on your premises you should immediately suspect your air ducts.

Air Vent Blockage
Check your return air inlets on a regular basis. Dust and other matter often accumulates inside air vents and restricts the free flow of air to the blower. This can lead to serious system failure and calls for immediate air conditioning cleaning Perth.

Reduced Airflow
If the event you notice that you have reduced airflow in one of the vents, call WTS immediately for air conditioning cleaning Perth. Checking the airflow of the vents on a regular basis should be done during regular preventative maintenance.

Noise Emanating from the Air Ducts
Do you hear a whistling or other noise emanating from the air vents? If you do, then that could indicate you ducts are blocked. The blockage could be caused by a number of issues such as loose insulation, broken pieces of a filter, or any other item being sucked into the ducts. It could also happen if the damper is coated with dust.

A Blast of Dust When the Unit is Turned On
Are there signs of little wisps of dust emanating from the air ducts? You also notice that any time the air con system starts up, dust is seen puffing out of the vents. If your system blasts out dust when it is first turned on, you need air conditioner cleaning.

Foul Smelling Air
Aside from maintaining optimum room temperature, air conditioning units also filter out contaminants. A clogged or dirty filter will lead to a build-up of pollutants and over time, a bad stench will permeate the air.

Increased Electrical Bills
If you notice you power bills have gone up without any other explanation, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is working inefficiently to a clog in the system. It’s time to call in WTS for air conditioning cleaning Perth.

The above are some of the signs that indicate you need to hire WTS air conditioning cleaning Perth for an air conditioner clean. We have a dedicated team of skilled technicians with many years experience installing, repairing and cleaning air conditioners in Perth. You can count on us for a professional job.


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