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Are you experiencing problems with your fridges? Are you in need of a fast, skilled and efficient commercial refrigeration repairs Perth technician? You don’t want to trust your commercial refrigeration repairs to just anyone. Whether you run a hotel, club restaurant, delicatessen, supermarket or manufacturing plant, health inspectors will not accept unsafe food temperatures. Worse still, you could be putting the health of your customers at risk. You need a commercial refrigeration repairs Perth service that you can trust. One that is professional, affordable, experienced and skilled at getting the job done right the first time. You want to make sure that your refrigerators are running safely and efficiently.

There are a number of common problems with refrigerators that causes businesses to seek the services of commercial refrigeration repairs Perth technicians, as noted below.

commercial refrigeration repairs Perth

Signs You Need Commercial Fridge Repairs

commercial refrigeration repairs Perthcommercial refrigeration repairs Perth

Fan Blade Noise
When you open your fridge and hear a funny sound that you aren’t used to coming from the fan, it could be an indication that the fan blade is stuck in the housing or the fan has moved back due to wear and tear and is sitting on the motor. It time to call a commercial refrigeration repairs Perth technician.

If they are just small drips, they could be caused by items being put in while they are too hot such as cooked or microwave warmed food. If food must be put in while it’s hot, make sure you put a cover on it. However, if you see excessive drips from the ceiling on your commercial refrigerator, then it may indicate that you have a clogged condensing drain which can only be fixed by a qualified commercial refrigeration repairs Perth technician.

Compressor Failure
Compressor failure isn’t an uncommon fault with commercial refrigeration system, if you want a competitive and timely repair for commercial refrigeration repairs Perth please contact us.

Torn Door Seals
Door seals are an important part of your cool room or fridge, if leaking can cause issues like ice ups and over load of the equipment, if you notice your door isn’t sealing you should contact us, your commercial refrigeration repairs Perth specialist.

Auto Closing Doors
To tell if your refrigerator is off balance, open the door and let it go. If it is well balanced it should swing back and close nice and gently. The cool room or fridge door should have a spring or closing mechanism to help the door close after use, this is a massive problem for commercial refrigerators as if the doors aren’t closing behind you it will cause ice ups and incorrect room temperatures.

At WTS, our commercial refrigeration repairs Perth technicians will assess your refrigeration needs quickly, give you a quote and get the job done right the first time. We offer a fast response to any commercial fridge repairs issue. We take a great deal of pride in our work and would love to help you with your refrigeration needs. Don’t put off your refrigeration repairs any longer as you could risk further damage to your refrigeration equipment and your stock.


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