Cool Room Installation

Western Technical Services custom design and install cool rooms and freezers throughout Western Australia. Western Technical Services can design, manufacture and install your next refrigeration project, overseeing every minute detail taking over the job from order to handover meaning you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Western Technical Services take pride in delivering an unmatched finish in our projects, our technicians are highly experienced in the installation and commissioning of refrigeration equipment setting up every parameter so the room can run as efficient as possible, getting this spot on also prolongs the life of the equipment.

What to consider when installing a cool room

When selecting a refrigeration contractor for your cool room installation there are many factors you should consider, do they have a history of cool room installations that are alike yours, can they give you a reference or take you to and old project to see the quality of works, do they have a dedicated service response team that can be there when and if you need it in the event of a failure? These are all things Western Technical Services can do for you so you know you are making the right decision when purchasing your next cool room installation.


When purchasing a cool room or freezer, make sure you speak to the friendly team here at Western Technical Services.


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