Cool Room Maintenance Perth

Cool Room Repairs

Do you have a cool room that’s broken and needs maintenance? WTS specialises in a wide range of cool room repair in Perth, WA. Some of the cold room repairs we deal with include:

  • Total equipment failure.
  • Cold room component failure.
  • Electrical issues such as broken switches, loose connections, unsuitable voltage, faulty circuit breakers etc.
  • Doors not sealing or working correctly.
  • Cool room panel failures.
  • High temperatures leading to unsafe food products.
  • Freezing air going directly to the products leading to over-freezing.
  • Water build-up on products.
  • Smelly storage air.
  • Condensating walls.
  • Mouldy walls.
  • Rotting walls.
  • Dripping ceilings.
  • Any other cool room repairs that may be needed.

Cold Room Repair & Preventive Maintenance

cool room maintenance perth

At WTS, we recommend that in order to keep breakdowns and disruption to your business at a minimum, you work with us to implement a preventive maintenance schedule. This will reduce the number of cool room repair requests in the future and guarantee business continuity.

It can be easy to fall into complacency once your cool room is fitted. Every business has a multitude of things to worry about on a day-to-day basis and the cool room will usually be the last thing on your mind. The cold room works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week without taking a break so it is important to give it regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will reduce the incidence of cool room repair.

Poor performance or failure of your cool room can have a devastating impact on your business. Just like a car needs regular maintenance, the cool room must be regularly maintained to avoid cool room repairs in future.

Cold Room Installation

In addition to cool room repairs, we also specialise in cool room installation. We install cool rooms for storing food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. And, cool rooms for pharmaceutical products, flowers and other heat sensitive products. Our cool rooms are manufactured using a variety of materials an come in different designs. We have stainless steel, glass and other materials. The cool rooms can be modular, mobile or custom built depending on customer preferences.

Our professionalism, high-quality work and products, and our commitment to customer satisfaction make us the go-to company for cool room repair in Perth, WA.

cool room maintenance perth

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