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Cool room maintenance is critical for health and safety. WTS is a cool room repairs Perth provider with many years of experience and a large base of satisfied customers.
Cool rooms come with a number of health and safety issues. These run the gamut from mould and improper storage of products to a breakdown of components that necessitate hiring a cool room repairs Perth technician. The following are a number of practices that anyone who owns a cool room should follow.

Preventing The Growth Of Mould

Mould is common in poorly maintained cool rooms and is one of the main reasons that lead to a coolroom repairs Perth provider being called in. All the surfaces in a cool room have the potential to get contaminated with mould. Mould leads to serious health issues once humans inhale the spores as well as when product get contaminated with mould. Many business establishments have run into legal problems after employees or customers filed lawsuits after ingesting contaminated food or medicine. This is the kind of stuff that can lead to bankruptcy and even jail time for business owners. So, you must take all precautions necessary to ensure your cool room is not contaminated with mould.

cool room repairs Perth

Keeping mould away from your cool room is achieved by ensuring there is no moisture build-up in the cool room. This is done by controlling condensation as well as taking other measures such as:

• Getting rid of all moisture sources of moisture and immediately disposing of damp organic materials in a suitable manner.
• Promptly cleaning spilt liquids. Mould thrives on any organic matter.
• If you are using the cool room to store pharmaceuticals, do not use it for the long term storage of cultures or biological media as these can be a haven for the growth of mould and bacteria.
• Ensuring that the door is always firmly shut because open doors tend to increase the humidity in a cool room which then encourages the growth of mould.
• Keep a close eye on the condensation as this is a clear indication that there is a breach in the container.
• All paper items should be removed from the cool room because they encourage the growth of mould. Many varieties of mould eat cellulose which is found in the paper.
• If the cool room has a sink, it is recommended to clean and bleach it on a regular basis.

In the event there is already a build-up of mould, we recommend that you call WTS, a coolroom repairs Perth provider, to come and effectively deal with the situation. We use industry grade cleaners and disinfectants that will not damage the cool room or lead to excess moisture. Bleach should never be used on metallic surfaces. Our coolroom repairs Perth technicians follow safety guidelines to ensure the mould is not released into the air or contaminate other clean surfaces. All rags, paper towels and other cleaning waste used during the clean-up are disposed of appropriately.

cool room repairs Perth

Cool Room Maintenance
To prevent a situation where your cool room develops mould or a component breaks down suddenly, we recommend that you engage our coolroom repairs Perth technicians to come up with a regular cool room maintenance schedule. This will prevent any nasty surprises. We also affix a bar code to every component that we check. This serves as a future point of reference for technicians. You can also use this to update your asset registers with the service logs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call WTS, your coolroom repairs Perth provider today.

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