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Cool rooms require regular cool room service. Unless regular cool room serving is carried out, various operational problems cannot be prevented. WTS is a cool room serving company in Perth, WA with many years experience and a long list of satisfied customers.

The most important aspects of a cool room are the refrigeration components which include: the compressor, fan coil units, the condenser and the evaporators. Even though other aspects of the cool room should undergo regular cool room service, these components should be checked for proper functioning on a more regular schedule by a trained technician. The following is a breakdown of the types of cool room service that should be done on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Cool Room Service

cool room service perth
cool room service perth

Daily Cool Room Service
The following cool room serving procedures can be conducted in-house daily without having to call a technician.

• Checking the evaporator for icing
• Checking to see if the cool room is cooling to the desired temperature.
• Checking the seals on the door

Monthly Cool Room Service
Some of these can be done in-house but most require the services of a competent professional. They include:

• Calibrating cool room temperature.
• Checking system efficiency.
• Cleaning evaporator casing and blower fans.
• Ensuring defrosting functions are working properly.
• Ensuring evaporators are working properly.
• Ensuring there is proper cooling at full load.
• Ensuring refrigerant levels are well-maintained and working properly.
• Ensuring the reverse blower is working properly.
• Ensuring that the condenser coil fins are clean.
• Ensuring that the control valves are in proper working order.
• Ensuring that the evaporator and unit cooler fins are clean.
• Performing a system function test and checking for malfunctions.

Quarterly Cool Room Service
These must be done by a qualified technician.
• Performing monthly maintenance checks
• Checking the overall functionality of the cool rooms.

Annually Cool Room Service
These should also be done by a qualified technician.
• Performing daily, monthly and quarterly maintenance consequently.
• Chemical washing the heat exchanger as and when necessary.

Cool Room Parts

Cool Room Doors
Cool room doors also need cool room service on a regular basis. These include; sliding doors, roller doors and entry/exit doors. Inspections should be conducted twice a month by a trained technician. Routine cool room service for doors includes checking alignments, brackets, control boxes, emitters, hinges, limit switches, rollers, sensors and other components.

Cool Room Pumps
Cool room pumps also require regular cool room service. Warm and cold pumps ensure cool rooms remain cool by removing wasted heat. Pumps should be checked by a qualified technician. The technician will check the pressure, power consumption and capacity. They will also check for signs of leakage, damaged insulation and other defects.

Importance of Cool Room Servicing

Routine cool room serving is one of the best ways of ensuring your cool room remains in tip top shape. With the exception of the daily cool room service checks, all other maintenance checks should be done by qualified technicians from WTS. If you suspect your cool room needs to be checked for problems, WTS are the specialists when it comes to design, management and construction of temperature controlled environments. Contact us for more information and to book an inspection today.

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