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Do you need a ducted air conditioning cleaning professional in Perth? WTS is a specialises in ducted AC cleaning and have several years of experience. Dirty AC ducts can cause health problems because they blow dust and pollutants into the building.

There are some types of cleaning that you can do on your own without having to call a ducted air conditioning cleaning professional. A good example is cleaning and maintaining return air grilles so that your air conditioning system can run at its optimum level.

Ducted Air Conditioning Cleaning of Air Return Grill

Use a screw driver to open the screws of the return air grille frame. Swing the frame open and let it hang vertically. If at this point you don’t feel confident proceeding, screw it back on and call WTS to schedule a visit from a ducted air conditioning cleaning professional. If you feel confident, proceed to slide out the filter from the grille and clean it with water but do not use soap or any other cleaning agent as this can leave suds in the return air filter media. Use a hose with gentle pressure. Start at the top and just pour water from the top and move downwards gradually. You don’t want to apply too much water pressure on the filter because it could get damaged. Turn it over and repeat the same process. Once the water runs from a dirty colour to clear, that will be the sign that the filter is now clean and ready for drying.

ducted air conditioning cleaning perth

After washing, you need to let the filter fully dry either in the sun or an airy place. A damp grille can cause fungus or mould to breed and this can cause other issues with your air conditioning system later on. If you find a small amount of moisture left, you can turn it upside down and let it dry for another hour or so. That should be sufficient given the weather in Perth is mostly sunny all year around. If you have a return air grille with a plastic filter and plastic frame, do not leave it in the sun. Let it dry while lying flat in the shade otherwise the heat may cause it to bend. It is also recommended to feather dust or vacuum the core of the return air grille before sliding back the filter.

Slide the filter frame back to the track of the return air filter grille, raise the grill back up and with the thumb screw, tighten the grille back together as it was when you first took it out. Alternatively, if you find that your filter media is worn out, damaged or simply just needs to be replaced, contact a ducted air conditioning cleaning professional from WTS.

ducted air conditioning cleaning perth

Preventive Maintenance
If you need regular ducted AC cleaning for a more serious problem, just get in touch with us. Our ducted air conditioning cleaning professionals will come in, take a look at your system and figure out how your vents are set up and lines run. We will then proceed to clean the ducts and once done with that, we work on the air conditioning unit itself. We clean the blower, coolers and all the components.

We can clean all types of duct systems including those that have insulation on them, whether it’s fibre glass or even flex duct. Most people assume that flex ducts can’t be cleaned but that isn’t true. You just need to have the right equipment, training and experienced ducted air conditioning cleaning professionals to ensure the ducts are not damaged during cleaning.

If you have any questions about duct cleaning just give us a call today.

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