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Are you in urgent need of ducted air conditioning maintenance in Perth? We specialise in ducted AC maintenance and have several years experience and a large base of satisfied customers.

Even in the cleanest buildings, there is probably one part of the building that has never been cleaned any more than just spraying deodorizer and it could be causing problems for occupants and visitors to the premises. We hear a lot about how bad outdoor air pollution can be yet, according to the Department of the Environment and Energy, indoor air can be 12 – 40 times more polluted than outdoor air and every bit of the air that goes through a building’s air conditioning duct system finds its way into the lungs of people occupying the building. Years of ducted air conditioning maintenance neglect in a duct system can mean years of dust, insects, second-hand smoke, particulates and masses of bacteria laden mould blowing through the building every time the system is on. A sickening result should be expected. In fact, research shows that many seasonal allergies are actually triggered by mass dispersal of these elements that lurk inside air conditioning ducts. All they need is a fan to blow them throughout the building.

There are two helpful solutions. One is good filtration. That’s why we regularly remind customers to schedule ducted air conditioning maintenance to change their filters. This helps save energy, keeps the system clean and ensure the building’s occupants are healthy. To avoid complaints from people who suffer from allergies any time they are on the premises, you need to look for a filter that’s specially built to trap allergens.

The second solution is to have your duct system inspected for contamination during scheduled ducted air conditioning maintenance. Physically cleaning the duct work in your building can help eliminate these contaminants in the air. We can inspect your system during our next routine service or go ahead and schedule a review.

When should you consider having your ducts cleaned?

An easy way to tell your building is due for ducted air conditioning maintenance is if you see visible dark streaks or spots near the ceiling or wall register. That could be mould so do not wait to get this corrected. As the mould spreads, there is a higher health risk with every breath. This can be very serious.

Also, if you notice insects or rodent droppings, call your exterminator and then call WTS to schedule ducted air conditioning maintenance. Often, insects or rodents get inside the duct system because they can navigate basically undisturbed into any room in your building. This can be unpleasant to look at but imagine what’s it’s like to breathe it every day. A quick call or email to us and we can help you have a healthier building.

Ducted AC Maintenance

ducted air conditioning maintenance Perth

Once you get in touch with us and schedule your ducted air conditioning maintenance, we come over and inspect your premises to establish the AC and vent set up. We then turn the system off and hook up a big large hose to a vacuum unit and then to hook up the vacuum unit to the actual duct work itself. So, everything is basically sucked back into the vacuum unit and out of the system. We then take up a couple of tools such as air whips or manual brushes. These go into the duct work and try and knock everything loose and get it to drop down and then blow it back with air pressure down the line into the vacuum. We do this with every individual line and try to push everything back into the main trunk lines. The trunk lines are a little bit bigger and the point is to push all the dust and matter into then go back, cut some access holes to get into the ducts and push that back all the way to where the vacuum unit has been connected and suck it out of the system.

If you need ducted AC maintenance, do not hesitate to call the professionals.

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