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Do you need ducted air conditioning repairs? WTS is the leading ducted air conditioning repairs company in Perth, WA. Being one of hottest cities in Australia, where temperatures can be above 25 Degrees Celsius for six consecutive months in a year, a breakdown of a building’s air conditioning system is not un common.

Ducted air conditioning repairs may become necessary for a number of reasons.

Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs May Be Necessary For These Reasons

ducted air conditioning repairs perth
ducted air conditioning repairs perth

Faulty Installation
One of the most common issues is a faulty installation. If the original installer did not install the ducted air conditioning following established protocols and manufacturer requirements, there is a high likelihood of the system breakdown that could result from leaks and low airflow.

Poor Maintenance
Ducted air conditioning repairs can also be necessitated by inadequate service procedures and poor maintenance. Poor maintenance could occur where people responsible with maintenance responsibilities are poorly trained or incompetent. For example, it is common for unqualified technicians to diagnose a problem as having to do with refrigerant charging where it is not. In some cases, they will even add refrigerant to an air conditioning unit that’s already full. Dirty filters and coils also cause the system to function improperly and the fans or compressor are likely to have a shorter useful life.

Refrigerant Leaks
An air conditioning unit can run low on refrigerant if it was installed poorly or if it has a leak. If the problem is a leak, simply topping up the refrigerant is not the cure. A trained technician should carry out ducted air conditioning repairs that include fixing the leak, testing the system and then recharging up with the correct amount of refrigerant. Air conditioners perform best when the refrigerant amount matches the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, leaks are harmful to the environment. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone, are contained in the refrigerant. In addition to being harmful to the environment, the refrigerant is also toxic to humans. It can irritate the skin and cause shortness of breath, asphyxiation, and even death if inhaled in sufficient quantities.

Electrical Control Unit Failure
Frequently turning the system on and off can also lead to wear and tear of the electrical controls. Additionally, wires and terminals will corrode over time which will necessitate ducted air conditioning repairs.

Dirty, Torn or Damaged Air Ducts
Over time, air ducts accumulate dirt, dust, fungi, bacteria and other pollutants. This means that every time the system is switched on, instead of having clean and fresh air circulating, people end up breathing polluted air which is harmful to their health. Regular maintenance of your ducted air conditioners lowers utility costs and increases the life span of the system. It also provides a comfortable environment for occupants and visitors. At WTS, we carry out ducted air conditioning repairs to seal any ducts that may be leaking.
Damaged and/or torn ducts greatly reduce the energy efficiency of the system. In extreme cases, the energy lost can end up costing more than the total cost of ducted air conditioning repairs.
Our experts perform an analysis the building using advanced technology to zero in and identify the dirty, torn or damaged ducts.

Installation of Ducted Air Conditioners

In addition to carrying our ducted air conditioning repairs in Perth, we also specialise in the installation of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners. These air conditioners are ideal for whole commercial comfort because they distribute the air throughout the entire premises via one system. Power output increases gradually to match the changing temperature as opposed to switching on and off which makes them more economical than conventional units. Our staff also go through rigorous in-house training to make sure they are highly skilled at installation and maintenance of ducted air conditioners.

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