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At WTS, we have a large team of qualified freezer repair Perth technicians. Freezer servicing is our core business and we are good at it. Perth is a city that enjoys year-round sunny weather and freezers are invariably an integral part of many local businesses. Freezer use is not only widespread in the food service industry but in the pharmaceutical and medical industries as well.

In the world of commercial freezers, some of these units work fine but there are times when they will break down and cause major problems for the business. A broken down freezer can cost a business a ton of money in lost products.

Some of the most common freezer problems that demand the services of a freezer repair Perth technician include:

freezer repair Perth

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freezer repair Perth
freezer repair Perth

Problems with the Door Gasket
Even though freezers are made to withstand constant opening and closing, the door gasket will eventually fail from wear and tear. This results in a loss of cold air and hence sub-standard cooling. When most units detect the temperature hasn’t reached the required level they compensate by increasing power output. This then leads to higher energy consumption.

Accumulation of Ice

Another common issue is an accumulation of ice. While a faulty door gasket can lead to an air leak, the most common source where the door is fine is a break in another point of the system. Only a qualified freezer repair Perth technician can diagnose and repair such a leak.

Failure to Freeze
A freezer that’s not cooling to the freezing point isn’t a freezer at all. This is a sign of a serious repair and a freezer repair Perth technician must be called in. One possible cause is lack of refrigerant or a fall in the level of the refrigerant. The other cause is a broken or defective thermostat that “fools” the compressor into “thinking” the desired temperature has been attained.

Compressor Failure
This is a major issue and unless a freezer repair Perth technician is called in immediately, you risk losing your entire investment. When a compressor stops working, it’s a run against time to get it up and running. It’s like a human being lacking air supply, you only have a short time to restore it! Same thing with a compressor. If your freezer stops working, you should call WTS immediately so that we can act fast in case the compressor is the culprit.

Freezer Servicing and Preventive Maintenance
One of the things we encourage all our customers to do is to undertake regular freezer servicing. The old adage, “a stitch in time saves nine” holds true for equipment that’s a major investment such as a freezer. With regular freezer servicing, you are unlikely to fall into the freezer problems we have described above. Our freezer repair Perth technicians work closely with you to come up with a regular freezer servicing schedule at an affordable cost. During each session, our technicians thoroughly check the equipment for potential problems. Any issues caught are promptly addressed. We also affix a QR code on all equipment. During subsequent freezer servicing sessions, all the technician has to do is scan the code to see what was checked/done the last time. The code also allows you to update your asset registers automatically with the service maintenance logs.

When your commercial freezers faces problems, simply call the experienced team of freezer repair Perth technicians. We have been servicing Perth and surrounding areas with pride and dedication for many years. We are professional, knowledgeable and have the right skills and equipment to address all your commercial freezer needs. Give us a call today!

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